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Zines Assignment
On Difference: PCW Fall 2009
Katie Livingston
Final draft due: December 15, 2009

In this course, we’ve been working to define and complicate our understandings of ‘women’ and ‘men,’ of ‘normal’ bodies, of ‘natural’ sexualities, of ‘viable’ literacies, and of ‘proper’ academic discourse. This project asks you to reflect on your reading, writing, and conversations over the course of the semester and remix them into zine form.

What is a zine?

This project asks you to consider how your thinking about identity, gender, sexuality, language, and / or literacy has changed over the course of the semester and to communicate that change to a specific audience you choose outside the classroom. You might focus on a particular issue or question you’ve been considering in your other projects, or explore a topic that intrigues you further. The purpose of your zine is to help your intended audience(s) see your topic in a new way by arranging stories, images, comics, statistics, drawings, rants, interviews, myths & facts, lists, collages, conversations, quotes, resources, or anything else you think might be convincing.

Your zine must do at least the following:

Your zine should: