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femme: as in, to transgress zine Femme: as in, to transgress
Using remix to revise my gender and sexual identities, I decided what to keep of normative ideas of femininity, family, love, sex, god, and what to cut up, re-construct, make new—coming out as a process of invention and deep revision. This is a collage I made in order to come up with ideas about femme identity development. I like its use of contrast, and that making it helped me theorize identity as assemblage.
I'm sick of all these parades zine From the very beginning
Zines can be used to tell alternative histories that aren’t available in mainstream media. This page appears in I’m sick of all these parades, a zine about coming out, the failures of mainstream LGBT institutions, antiracism, the lines between advocacy and friendship, and queer resistance in metro-Detroit. While writing this page, I was thinking about how the truth depends on who’s telling the story.
I've always been an introvert zine I've always been an introvert. I've always been a loud-mouthed girl.
Zines pages can be used for invention. This page appears in #TeachingFail, a zine about teaching failures I’m making with several other graduate students. It juxtaposes a rubric from the first-year writing classes I teach with a list I made by finishing the phrase, “I've always…” I like the way this page implies meaning.