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Excerpt from You Are Here.

Oh holy is the atom, the truly intelligent design
to which all of evolution is graciously aligned
the one single structure to which everything distills,
the air, the wood smoke there and the hills
- Ani Difranco

The universe is made of stories not of atoms.
- Muriel Rukeyser

Whatever the universe is made of, star matter or story, it’s vast. We either wait, stargazing for meaning or spend our whole lives as atoms, colliding and rushing away. Storytelling, then, is a way to make life matter, the ancient human desire to record. The year is 2008. The US is high off electing our first black president. Many of the people on Earth are still at war. I’m at my desk in a house with stairs just a century old, the original railing covered in thick clots of white paint, multiple hasty jobs, one atop another. I imagine myself peeling back each layer.

A phenomena I do not understand: life on Earth is still lonely, the planet more digitally connected than ever before.

Google search: “social isolation.” On the topic of isolation, the online edition of The Washington Post says the following: “If close relationships support people in the same way that beams hold up buildings, more and more Americans appear to be dependent on a single beam.” I’m staring out the window over my laptop screen, watching the Consumer’s Energy van pull up in front of my neighbor’s house to turn their heat back on.

Weather.com says it’s twenty-four degrees and falling, a gloomy cloud icon predicting record lows with cartoon snow.

I click on an article from LiveScience.com with the title “Social Isolation Makes People Cold, Literally." Very clever.