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Excerpt from Michigan Womyn's Music Festival: Welcome Home

We hop out to unload what feels like everything we need. We have pop up tents and tarps. We have dinner trays in a slinky mesh kitchen bag and a propane stove, despite the fact that the kitchen serves three, fresh vegetarian meals a day. We have journals, cameras, and handmade tutus. We have rope, scissors, multiple lanterns, and a mirror. I have enough clothing for the week (if I change only twice a day) since I spent all of six months prior to this moment consulting every festie I know about what to expect and paring down my elaborate packing list.

When I asked my femme friend about packing, she could barely restrain her smirk: "Oh, I'd recommend you bring a change of clothes to leave in the car in the case of a wet season, and several tarps. One year," she said, lowering her voice, "it rained so much that the ground turned slick and women in the Bush Gardens campsite slid down the hills, tents and all. We spent the entire week covered head-to-toe in mud."