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Curriculum Vita: download PDF

My current project is teacher-research on a first-year writing course I designed called The Art & Practice of Consent. The context for this project is revised federal guidelines in 2015, requiring federally funded colleges and universities in the U.S. to have policies and prevention and education programming focused on affirmative consent. The fragmented state of sex education in U.S. schools means there are gaps in what queer rhetorics scholar Jonathan Alexander (2008) has called "sexual literacy" when it comes to consent. If colleges and universities are going to hold students and other community members accountable for practicing affirmative consent, then we have a responsibility to teach them how. Limited empirical research on consent in sociology and psychology suggests consent education is most effective when it happens over a period of time (such as a year long class, as opposed to a series of workshops). A first-year writing course is the ideal place to teach consent education, given that first-year writing is required for incoming undergraduate students and happens at a moment of critical identity re-negotiation and play.