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teaching philosophy Teaching Philosophy
I believe teaching and learning are about desire—students’ desires to hold onto literacies from their home communities, while acquiring particular academic literacies; institutional desires to inculcate them with literacies that serve the learning goals. I use consent, a theory and practice with histories in queer communities, to negotiate these desires in teaching and learning relationships.
zines assignment Zines assignment
An assignment is like a note folded up and passed. I gave this one to students in PCW. I like its directed but open-ended language. Teaching this assignment helped me to more complexly understand the genres of writing in zines, and the queer rhetorics of zines, and to consider questions of distribution and intellectual property.
list essay prompt List Essay Prompt
Making a list is one way to remember material for writing. I used this prompt to generate my students’ ideas for a list essay about gender and sexuality, which many of them remixed into zines. What I like about this short assignment is that making something with the express purpose of being remixed takes the pressure off!