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Dr. Kathleen Livingston

Kathleen Livingston is a queer femme storyteller and community-based artist and teacher. She works as an Assistant Professor of Rhetoric & Writing at Michigan State University, where she teaches first-year writing.

Her writing is published in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Third Coast, Peitho, Harlot, A Guide to Composition Pedagogies (2nd ed), Crazy Wisdom Community Journal, Visible: A Femmethology, and in her blog and zines. Her dissertation won the 2016 Conference on College Composition & Communication's Lavender Rhetorics Award for Excellence in Queer Scholarship.

Kathleen's current scholarship focuses on a class called The Art & Practice of Consent, in which she invites first-year writing students to inquire into the concept of consent. She is active in local community organizations, sitting on the Board of Directors of The Firecracker Foundation, where she Chairs the Advocacy Committee. She also performs and teaches as part of the acrobatic and lyric storytelling collaboration, Violet and Fortuna.

As a multi-disciplinary writer and teacher, her work explores consent, or how people can come to know their own power and use it well. Her creative-critical projects include essays, concept-driven acrobatic and lyric storytelling projects, workshops, and zines. She works with memory, photographs, scraps of paper, scissors, glue sticks, her body, and her voice.

She wears maroon boots, cropped hair, and silver rings. She likes loud-mouthed women, long-lashed men, unconventional laughter, and anything handmade. There's a good chance she wants to use your photocopier.


Write to me: ka.livingston(at)gmail(dot)com




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